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Any item in the gallery can be recreated (with in reason for a hand made item) as a commission.

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My journey with crochet started in high school, but had faded out shortly after. It wasn't until I bought some high end yarn at farmers market some five years later that my spark for the craft was rekindled. I had made it all the way home before I realized I didn't know how to make anything with the new yarn! I spent the next few month practicing new stitches and doing my best to learn how to make a hat with cheaper yarn before I could set into creating my first real project. now, several years later, I am still making hats, although with different designs. I have also learned many other projects in order to offer more options.

Currently I am studying graphic design and plan on graduating in spring of 2020. I have an interest in ABJDs, lolita and varrious other nerdy things. 

I am excited to bring some of the projects I have been selling to close friends and family members to you (on the interwebs) and am looking forward to working on some new projects so I can bring more unique items for everyone!